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About Me

Hi! I'm Daliya Karnofsky, and I've spent my whole life obsessed with other peoples' love lives. I started out as a performer, standup and writer, but somehow everything I did lead back to love and all that comes with it.  I toured the country with my love advice and baking show "And She Bakes" (so many good peanut butter and chocolate analogies) dispensing love advice to hundreds. That brought me to LA where I wanted to create a way for people to get off the apps and start meeting in person, which became the hit live show "All My Single Friends". We get a bunch of single people in a room, make them laugh, interview them on stage, and then we make them talk to each other instead of on their phones! Crazy, I know. 


Every project started out as a way to make people laugh, but shifted over time to what I really cared about -- helping people connect with each other. Once I realized how much I wanted to help people have fun with dating instead of resent it, and how much my audience was pleading for help with that, I was off and running as a dating coach, doing everything from wing-womaning, to writing online profiles, to breakup coaching, to moving on to the next person and starting healthy, happy, communicative relationships.  

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I've worked professionally in the love industry as a dating coach and matchmaker at boutique Los Angeles matchmaking company, and I host a live coaching podcast where I answer listener questions and dig in deep with my guests. If there's a way to talk with you, help you, and make you enjoy your love life, I'm here to do it. And I promise it will be a good time. And there's chocolate for when it isn't.

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