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Hi! I'm Daliya Karnofsky, and If there's a way to talk with you, help you, and make you enjoy your love life, I'm here to do it. From break ups to new relationships, I'm here for you.


My Approach

I start every coaching relationship with "If I asked your friends why you're single, what would they say?" I like you to diagnose yourself through the eyes of those who love you and would speak honestly about your past and your habits.


From there, we get to the root of this diagnosis and how we can work to change it together. I focus all of our work around the process of achieving your goal, and having actual fun with that process. We focus on this rather than racing to the goal itself, whether it's being healed from a breakup and ready to move on, to having more fun short-term dating experiences, to building a long-term connection with a lasting partner.


I can't pull people out of thin air or control what other people do but I can teach you to enjoy the process, appreciate your progress, and utilize this new attitude to attract the right kind of person and recognize that you have!

Let me help you through the full life cycle of a relationship.

Break Ups

I firmly believe all breakups are a good thing. While they may not start out feeling that way, we can get there together.


I offer patient, empathetic support with the tireless cheerleader belief that you will learn from this and use it to make your next relationship that much better. Your friends are sick of hearing about it? I got you.

Online Dating

Let's think of online dating as a bar full of single people, rather than a torture device.


I'll optimize your profile and pics, shift your attitude around the whole thing, swipe for you if we decide that's called for, and teach you that online dating CAN, in fact, be fun.

Meeting in Person

Yes, it still happens! Come out into the real world with me and I'll teach you how.


Whether it means wing-womaning you at real life events, or helping you develop techniques that work for you, I'll get you off your phone and into real life connections with real life humans for real life relationships.


Sometimes the toughest part is when it actually starts to work.


I'm there for you through those sticky beginning phases into deciding when to have "the talk", how to "train" your potentials to be the partner you deserve, and what to do as connections grow. We can figure out together what you want and how to get it.


Actually getting into a relationship is the beginning, not the end. The work doesn't stop there. I set you up for success in both the long and short term.


As the relationship goes on, we tackle the bigger questions and return to the basics of communication and patience, as well as the importance of "always be dating".



One session to get you up to speed.


A monthly subscription to get you to and keep you at your A-game.


Meet people IRL with me by your side.


Profile writing. Swiping. From match to date. I've got you covered.

The Podcast

"Not Your Therapist" is the podcast for your best friend who you love but whose problems you just can't listen to anymore.  And you CAN'T keep telling them what you think because you know they probably won't even listen. It's ok. I’ll do it. Hand them over (We'll ignore the high probability that you are that friend).


With laughter, dynamic dialogue, and real-time answers to real-life love questions. ​my guest of the week and I engage in an active back and forth coaching session about whatever the guest is dealing with: singlehood, breakup, benching, getting back out there, online dating, the like. 


Dating and relationships are the one topic EVERYONE wants to talk about. From sex stuff to flirting to heartbreak, everyone has questions and everyone wants a safe place to go, where, after getting the tears out, together we can find some laughter.

Check out an episode to get a feel for how a coaching session can put you back on (or on for the very first time) whatever romantic path you choose.

Daliya is the best! I was in an on again off again relationship that was super frustrating. I felt that he was the one, but couldn’t find a way to connect. Through Daliya’s advice and coaching, we were able to look at our relationship in a new way that took the pressure off. Now, a few years later, we are happily married with two kids!

Mimi, age 34

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